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Monday, 3 December 2012

Queen Vashti's family

Queen Vashti's family

Queen Vashti's family (see her here with her sister Vahoush and her cousin Freshta) were descended from the Mittani tribe of the Airyanem Vaejah people.  Her grandparents founded the empire whose centre was at Ecbatana, modern day Hamadan in Iran. She lived in the palace citadel near her uncle and aunt King Cyaaxares and Queen Holyah. Her mother was the king's sister and her father was the Medes' leading general. In those days political instability was a fact of life, much like it is in parts of the Middle East today. So all the royal family were carefully guarded against assassination and kidnap attempts, to say nothing of plots to destroy the government.
Young Princess Vashti was full of the fire that had burned in the hearts of her forbears when they established the Median Empire. Wanting to see the world beyond the palace citadel she conspired with her maid to venture where danger could have been lurking. In doing so she broke the first law of the Medes - never indulge the 'duru' or lie. The consequences were her first lesson in life, which set the pattern for a future in which she could be true to herself, her family and the empire.
Guard yourself against deception, it lurks everywhere and is a subtle killer of truth, trust, integrity, honesty and transparent authentic character. How many people do you know who you can trust in your family, your community your workplace, school and institutions right up the the highest levels of government and administration? What a different world it would be if deception were eliminated. The world would be more just, equitable and free to name just a few advantages.
Princess Vashti had to be truthful in her life as she prepared to lead the empire. Its future would depend on it.

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