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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Who were Queen Vashti's ancestors?

Who were Queen Vashti's ancestors

Queen Vashti's family were related to the famed Egyptian Queen Nefertiti who reformed Egyptian spiritual life to the worship of One god instead of many.She and her husband built a city dedicated to the worship of that god and they mediated his benefits for their people.Nefertiti's beauty and influence were reflected in the life and work of her descendant Queen Vashti of the Medes over seven hundred years later, in what is now Iran.
Who will you worship? Will it be the gods of shopping, beauty, image, clothes, sex, alcohol, parties, job status, money, drugs, fast stressed living, friendship, personal achievement and everything else that doesn't last?
Queen Vashti put her trust in One god, like her forbear Nefertiti. She never considered the accumulation of the material important, her focus was her family and the citizens of the empire she ruled with her husband. She gave up her freedom and her privileges to fight a battle against those who threatened the empire by denigrating its women.
Who will you put your trust in?

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